NTAA Launches Pre-Production Workshop Series

The National Talent Academy for Animation is delighted to launch our Pre-Production Workshop Series, featuring 6 workshops in 6 key areas including I.P. Development, Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, Design, Animatic Editing & Scene Prep.


The workshops provide intensive training from industry experts both local and international. They are open to graduates, junior professionals and those wishing to upskill or move into another area. The programme welcomes applicants from underrepresented groups, diverse backgrounds and regional areas.

There is no cost to participate in these workshops.

Workshop Breakdown

  1. Intellectual Property Development with Cliff Parrott (apply now)

2. Scriptwriting with Danny Stack (applications closed)

3. Storyboarding with Patricia Ross (launching soon)

4. Design with Antonio Terlizzi (applications closed)

  1. Animatic Editing with Kevin O’Brien (launching soon)
  1. Scene Prep with Niamh Herrity (launching soon)

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